Fearless Steps,The meaning behind the Cards wording



The wording for my cards are very special,  because they are personal and come from the heart. My heart.The words are thoughtful and written to Inspire , Motivate and Encourage. I think its is particularly needed in my Community at present we need to see positivity.


I write about True Friendship, True Love and Motivating self and others.  When you have true loyal friends you love and appreciate them. When you genuinely love it last forever, it never leaves you.

I have learnt these things do not happy all the time. 


Since starting this business I have had so many highs and many lows. The lows have come from unexpected sources. Having your own business is amazing,  but prepare yourself for a rough mental ride of disappoint, jealousy and betrayal.  I think I am using my cards as a way of expressing my feelings to some of the situations I have faced over the last 2 years. A particularly challenging time. 


I intend to stay strong and Dream Big, I believe good, lasting things come to those who deserve them and work hard. I am always going to be me, what is meant for me will come when its my time,  and with many blessings. 


I know I am on to something,  this journey is just beginning 


I am Dreaming Big, Onwards and Upwards!!!


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